DSI Sense Prototype is Ready for Beta Testing

We now have a functional prototype of the DSI Sense that is ready for beta-testing! This version of the sensor has updated software that is optimized for low-power consumption. The coin-cell battery should now last for more than a year, assuming daily checking of the sensor results—which is a lot more convenient than wearable devices that need constant recharging.

How the DSI Sense is used

A typical use case is to place the DSI Sense adjacent to your skin moisturizers so that you can check on the level of external drying stresses on your skin, as measured by the Dry Skin Index (DSI). This index is a function of the indoor humidity and temperature in the room where your sensor is placed. The DSI will change during the course of the year in response to the levels of water vapor in outdoor air. Now, for the first time, you can adjust your skin-care practices in response to external stressors monitored by the DSI Sense.


The DSI Sense uses a high-accuracy humidity and temperature sensor that makes measurements every ten minutes and computes a 24-hour rolling average of the DSI. Thus when you press the “sense” button once, you get the current DSI value as well as the one-day average. Press the button twice in a row and you’ll get the current relative humidity (in %) and temperature. You can use the relative humidity measurement to decide when to use a room humidifier.

Next Steps in DSI Sense Development

As we get feedback from our beta testers, we will make necessary adjustments in the DSI-Sense, including a new form factor that improves how it looks and operates.