Automate your bedroom humidifier using a WeMo smart plug

A bedroom humidifier can provide nighttime skin hydration as well as provide relief from dry eyes and dehydrated nasal passages. When indoor relative humidity levels decline due to seasonal changes in outdoor water vapor levels,  it is time to consider a room humidifier to increase humidity.  One way of ensuring that the humidifier is used consistently is to connect it to a WeMo smart switch that is operated by a Smartphone app.

The WeMo switch connects to your WiFi and the accompanying app for iOS or Android Smartphone is used to schedule its operation. For example, schedule the WeMo switch to turn on the humidifier a half hour or so before you normally go to bed. By doing this, the room's humidity level is already elevated prior to sleeping. You will also have to decide when you want the humidifier to turn off. But once it's scheduled, the only thing left to do is to make sure that the humidifier has enough water!