Skin Saver believes in proactive skin care management. 

This is because as you get older, your skin doesn't rebound as quickly from drying stresses caused by changes in humidity and temperature.  You can't sense these skin stressors so it is difficult to be proactive with your dry-skin care.

What did we do? We created 3 unique ways to monitor drying stressors, empowering you to take action on skin care management.

Map of Water Vapor Levels

The Water Vapor Level in outdoor air is a key factor controlling indoor humidity, and hence skin hydration and the potential for dry skin—check out the map below for regional values in the USA.

Levels below 10 g/m3 are associated with a higher likelihood of dry-skin conditions.

DSI Sense Prototype

We'd love to introduce you to DSI Sense--a new sensor under development for people who need help proactively managing their skincare. It will monitor external drying stresses on skin so that your skin care can adapt to changes in indoor humidity and temperature.

Skin Care Sensor

MONITOR seasonal trends for “dry skin” Google searches involving the USA